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over 1 year ago

Schedule for #DefiSummer LEARN (JUNE) Workshop Series

Hello DefiSummer Hackathees,

If you haven't already, join the #DefiSummer discord where all the action is at! Make sure to introduce yourself (#introductions), find a team (#team-formation), catch a workshop (#LIVE-EVENT), ask a question, or find resources. We have mentors on 24/7 so feel free to ask away, building for the $10,000 in prizes doesn't start till JULY, so invite all your friends to come learn!

Here is a schedule of all events so far

In case you missed the past events here they are

Upcoming Events

All events are happening on discord, with a workshop almost everyday of the week!

06/10 2PM EST Introduction to DAOs, Governance, Business Use Cases
06/11 12PM EST Introduction to Stellar
06/14 3PM EST Deploying NFTs on Testnet
06/15 12PM EDT How to get started developing on Stellar
06/16 6PM EST What is dHedge, On-Chain Asset Management, Intro to Enzyme
06/17 2PM EST Look at Governance Platforms & Designing A DAO
06/18 11AM EST Blockchain Consultancy: Case Study 1
06/21 6PM EST Building React dApps
06/22 3PM EST How to Integrate Web3 Wallets
06/23 6PM EST Blockchain Consultancy Case Study 2
06/24   Designing Gaming Contracts
06/28 2PM EST Tokenomics Workshop
06/29 5PM EST Learning Incentivization Explained - Combining eLearning & Blockchain
06/30 TBD (EST) Using Enzyme SDK

Additionally all resources will be posted on github (make sure to star this repo)


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