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about 1 year ago

DefiSummer: Team Signup - Coaching/Matching Meetings

Hello #DefiSummer Hackathees,

As we are in the first week of the #DefiSummer Hackathon  (catch the YouTube playlist for the workshops you missed here) its time we got you a team, or help your team get ready for the August 15th submission deadline (also demo-day). Please catch the schedule here (we will be conducting workshops and office hours these 5 weeks). Your team can be of up to 5 people and there is $14,000 in prizes. Please hop on the #DefiSummer discord and introduce yourself in #introductions channel and find a team in the #team-formation channel. If you are looking for team members or your team wants guidance on how to proceed, setup a meeting with the President of the Minority Programmers Association to get 1-1 guidance here.

Here are the official prize tracks

Stellar Development Foundation

  • Stellar Challenge ($3000 in $XLM)

    •  In this challenge, your job is to build a project on the Stellar test network that solves a specific real-world problem. Examples include Uhuru Wallet, a WhatsApp-based wallet that allows for sending intra-African payments, Vibrant, a dollar-savings app for Argentines, and DSTOQ, which makes investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets.

    • Split into 1st ($1500 in $XLM), 2nd ($1000 in $XLM), and 3rd ($500 in $XLM) places

Enzyme Finance

  • Trading Automation on Enzyme Protocol ($4000 in $MLN)

    • Develop an interface and bot that allows hedge funds on Enzyme finance to easily build trading strategies, fund allocation, etc generates and a bot that uses the Enzyme protocol to trade accordingly.


  • IDLE - Protocol/Strategy Integration ($2000 in $IDLE)

    • 1 winner ($2000 in $IDLE ERC-20 token)

    • Implementing Idle as yield sources into other protocols or build

    • something on top of Idle

  • IDLE - Open Track ($2000 in $IDLE)

    • Up to 2 winners to split the $2000 in $IDLE prize for the open track

    • Open track: an opportunity to bring innovation and develop new ideas that involve Idle protocol. Here’s a list of some inspirations that might help you to build projects, but we encourage you to experiment with more ideas:

      • Flash loan case-study (

      • Enable automatic reinvesting of stablecoin profits into other assets (e.g. ETH, WBTC)

      • NFTs for the Idle Community ○ Stablecoin development, as new assets backed by idleTokens (concept model: FRAX/RAI/FEI) ○ Integration with third-party products

      • Integration in index products … And any other innovative and brilliant idea



  • Choose Your Own Adventure Governance ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • Build a dAPP with a stunning UI that allows individuals to vote on the outcome of a storyline for having a certain amount of tokens in their wallet.

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

  • NFT Meme Marketplace Prize - PlutoPepe ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • Develop an NFT marketplace on BSC/Matic that allows anyone to easily build a meme, use as nft, share on social media, bid, buy and view and even respond with NFT comments.

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

  • Gaming Utility Token - PlutoPepe ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • This goes to the team that can implement a smart contract game; ex; CoinFlip, Predictions, Roulette, Dice, that pays out rewards in $PEPE token

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

Echelon Digital Consulting

  • Blockchain Consulting Case Study (2x: An internship with Echelon Digital Consulting or Minority programmers Association)

    • Blockchain Consulting: Case Study - Design a system that turns Minority Programmers Association into a DAO with its own utility token. Winner with be given an Internship as Blockchain Research Intern at Minority Programmers or Echelon Digital Consulting

Minority Programmers Association

  • Learning Incentivization (Blockchain Engineering Internship with MPA)

    • Develop an e-learning application that rewards individuals crypto for learning STEM concepts. The winners of this will be given a chance at Blockchain Engineering internships with MPA.


Any questions you have please ask in discord as we are always on and ready to help! Happy hacking and happy DefiSummer!