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about 1 year ago

DefiSummer: $1000 Front End Challenge & BitcoinNFTs + Accelerator Program

Hello DefiSummer Hackathees,


With 3 weeks left and $15,000 in prizes there is much building left for the #DefiSummer hackathon. Please hop on the DefiSummer discord for updates, workshops, coaching, and collaboration! We have a few announcement to make


The L2 aggregator, Tokamak.Network is joining as a sponsor, awarding $1000 in USDC to the best team that improves the UI & Front End of their staking page. For more information go here. This is a great track for front end developers and UI/UX designers that don’t know much about blockchain development.


Additionally next week we have two exciting events.


  • Marvin Janssen from the Stacks Foundation will be on the discord to teach how to write smart contracts and deploy NFTs on Bitcoin as part of the new Clarity Universe educational content. Tune in next Thursday at 11AM to be one of the early adopters for Bitcoin smart contracts. 

  • Additionally LongHash Ventures, the Web3 investment fund, veture builder, and accelerator will be coming next Wednesday at 9PM EST to discuss how to get funding in the DeFI space and educate you about their LongHashX accelerator program 

  • DefiWinter: Blockchain for Enterprise is live on Devpost (Nov-Feb) so please pre-register here

Again we are here as a resource so make sure to join the discord for this once in a lifetime educational experience!


The Minority Programmers Team