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over 1 year ago

DefiSummer - The Hackathon Starts Thursday

Hello #DefiSummer Hackathees,

As we are concluding the <LEARN/> portion of #DefiSummer  (catch the YouTube playlist for the workshops you missed here) we are proud to announce the start of the DefiSummer <HACK/> from July to August 15 (submission deadline). Please catch the schedule here (we will be conducting workshops and office hours these 6 weeks). Your team can be of up to 5 people and there is $14,000 in prizes. Please hop on the #DefiSummer discord and introduce yourself in #introductions channel and find a team in the #team-formation channel. This week reach out to the mods and we will help get you placed on the team. We will also be having ideation workshops to help you think of how you want to address the prize tracks.


Here are the official prize tracks

Stellar Development Foundation

  • Stellar Challenge ($3000 in $XLM)

    •  In this challenge, your job is to build a project on the Stellar test network that solves a specific real-world problem. Examples include Uhuru Wallet, a WhatsApp-based wallet that allows for sending intra-African payments, Vibrant, a dollar-savings app for Argentines, and DSTOQ, which makes investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets.

    • Split into 1st ($1500 in $XLM), 2nd ($1000 in $XLM), and 3rd ($500 in $XLM) places

Enzyme Finance

  • Trading Automation on Enzyme Protocol ($4000 in $MLN)

    • Develop an interface and bot that allows hedge funds on Enzyme finance to easily build trading strategies, fund allocation, etc generates and a bot that uses the Enzyme protocol to trade accordingly.


  • IDLE - Protocol/Strategy Integration ($2000 in $IDLE)

    • 1 winner ($2000 in $IDLE ERC-20 token)

    • Implementing Idle as yield sources into other protocols or build

    • something on top of Idle

  • IDLE - Open Track ($2000 in $IDLE)

    • Up to 2 winners to split the $2000 in $IDLE prize for the open track

    • Open track: an opportunity to bring innovation and develop new ideas that involve Idle protocol. Here’s a list of some inspirations that might help you to build projects, but we encourage you to experiment with more ideas:

      • Flash loan case-study (

      • Enable automatic reinvesting of stablecoin profits into other assets (e.g. ETH, WBTC)

      • NFTs for the Idle Community ○ Stablecoin development, as new assets backed by idleTokens (concept model: FRAX/RAI/FEI) ○ Integration with third-party products

      • Integration in index products … And any other innovative and brilliant idea



  • Choose Your Own Adventure Governance ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • Build a dAPP with a stunning UI that allows individuals to vote on the outcome of a storyline for having a certain amount of tokens in their wallet.

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

  • NFT Meme Marketplace Prize - PlutoPepe ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • Develop an NFT marketplace on BSC/Matic that allows anyone to easily build a meme, use as nft, share on social media, bid, buy and view and even respond with NFT comments.

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

  • Gaming Utility Token - PlutoPepe ($1000 in $PLUTO)

    • This goes to the team that can implement a smart contract game; ex; CoinFlip, Predictions, Roulette, Dice, that pays out rewards in $PEPE token

    • Awarded to 1 winner in $1000 worth of $PLUTO a BEP-20 token

Echelon Digital Consulting

  • Blockchain Consulting Case Study (2x: An internship with Echelon Digital Consulting or Minority programmers Association)

    • Blockchain Consulting: Case Study - Design a system that turns Minority Programmers Association into a DAO with its own utility token. Winner with be given an Internship as Blockchain Research Intern at Minority Programmers or Echelon Digital Consulting

Minority Programmers Association

  • Learning Incentivization (Blockchain Engineering Internship with MPA)

    • Develop an e-learning application that rewards individuals crypto for learning STEM concepts. The winners of this will be given a chance at Blockchain Engineering internships with MPA.

Any questions you have please ask in discord as we are always on and ready to help! Happy hacking and happy DefiSummer!




The Minority Programmers Team