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about 1 year ago

DefiSummer: Need Help?

Hello DefiSummer Hackathees!

We are almost a month away from the submission deadline on August 15th (also demo-day), and we are here the whole way to support you! If you are looking for team members or your team wants guidance on how to proceed, setup a meeting with the President of the Minority Programmers Association to get 1-1 guidance here Also please hop on the #DefiSummer discord and introduce yourself in #introductions channel and find a team in the #team-formation channel. You can catch the schedule here (we will be conducting workshops and office hours these 5 weeks). Your team can be of up to 5 people and there is $14,000 in prizes. Make sure you register you team in the DeFiSummer Team registration form. Also catch the YouTube playlist for the workshops you missed here.


The Minority Programmers Team